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We are here to help you with all your landscape needs located in North Phoenix Arizona we are a family owned landscape material supplier and we focus on delivering top quality landscape materials at rock bottom prices give us a call at 602-481-6481 to discuss your landscape material needs.

We supply and deliver the following products.

Phoenix Landscape Material | Jody's Trucking

Arena Sand Delivery Phoenix Arizona

Arena Sand

Arena Sand is often used in horse arenas. However, there is a wide difference of opinion as to what’s best in a particular arena, this all depends upon whether your arena is covered or uncovered, and what is best for your horses to use. if you have any questions as to what is best in your situation please contact us for a free consultation to help you determine what is the best arena sand to use for your specific situation. Page-Up

Phoenix Landscape Material | Jody's Trucking



Mortar Sand Delivery Phoenix Arizona | Jodys TruckingMortar Sand

Mortar sand is great for creating very loose soil mixes. Water will drain through this sand at a very high rate, which makes it appropriate for high-percolation rate situations. The particles are slightly smaller than Washed Concrete Sand. Not sure if this is what you need give us a call to discuss your needs. Page-Up

Phoenix Landscape Material | Jody's Trucking


Landscape Rock Delivery Phoenix Arizona | Jodys Trucking

Decorative Landscape Rock

There are many reasons to used decorative landscape rock

  • Decorative look to accent grass, trees and walls.
  • Ease and speed of installation requiring minimal site prep.
  • Areas covered with decorative rock can be driven on or parked on
  • No water use, perfect for the hot Arizona climate or water restricted areas.
  • Low maintenance cost effective landscaping.
  • Great in problem soil areas.

Phoenix Landscape Material | Jody's Trucking

Landscape Boulders Phoenix

Landscape Boulders

Boulders range in size from about 1’ x 1’ up to and over 5’ x 5’. Every cubic foot of the boulder weighs about 100 pounds. So a 2’x2’x2’ (Length times width times depth in feet = cubic feet) boulder would weigh about 800 pounds. If you are looking for boulders give us a call and we can help you select the perfect boulders for your project. Page-Up

Phoenix Landscape Material | Jody's Trucking

Screened Top Soil Deliver Phoenix | Jodys Trucking

Screened Top Soil

Normally the top 6″ to 12″ growing medium of earth has about 5 to 10 percent organics; hence the dark color. Topsoil provides a good growing media for any plants. It usually needs fortification with compost, manure or peat moss, which provides both fertilization and water retention. Screened topsoil is processed through a screening/shredding plant. This process removes most clumps and rock. Page-Up

Phoenix Landscape Material | Jody's Trucking

Top Soil Mulch Blend Delivery | Jody's TruckingTop Soil Mulch Blend

Top soil mulch blend is 33% screen fill dirt, 33% mulch, and 33% manure. It is a great medium for vegetable gardens or other areas that may benefit from the warmth and nutrients of manure. Page-Up

Phoenix Landscape Material | Jody's Trucking

Aggregate Deliver Phoenix Arizona | Jody's TruckingAggregate

Aggregates are a component of composite materials such as concrete and asphalt concrete; the aggregate serves as reinforcement to add strength to the overall composite material. Aggregates are also used as base material under foundations, roads, and railroads. Page-Up

Phoenix Landscape Material | Jody's Trucking

Recycled-Asphault Delivery Phoenix Arizona | Jodys TruckingRecycled Asphalt

Recycled asphalt is commonly incorporated into new asphalt mixes by contractors. Department of Transportation regulations permit ANY level of recycled material to be used in mixes, provided that normal performance requirements are satisfied. The level of recycled asphalt that will perform adequately depends on the specific requirements of the job and the characteristics of the recycled material used. In many cases, recycled asphalt will reduce costs significantly.

This is a fantastic road base for dirt roads and driveways great compaction helps to reduce the risk of washing out during our monsoon season. Page-Up

Phoenix Landscape Material | Jody's Trucking

landscape granite boulder Crushed Granite Delivery | Jody's truckingGranite Boulders Crushed Granite

Granite offers classic long-lasting beauty and its durability is unmatched, making granite a perfect choice for exterior landscape products. For both residential and commercial projects, granite has the additional benefit of low maintenance. Page-Up

Phoenix Landscape Material | Jody's Trucking

Fill Dirt Phoenix Arizona DeliveryFill Dirt

Fill dirt is taken from a location where soil is being removed as a part of leveling an area for construction; it may also contain rocks and stones as well as earth. A common use of fill dirt is in highway maintenance, low lying construction sites, and landscaping projects which involve the creation of ridges and earth structures for pools, waterfalls, and other water features as well as to break up a level area in order to provide more interesting textures to the landscape. Page-Up

Phoenix Landscape Material | Jody's Trucking

Pea Gravel Delivery Phoenix Arizona | Jody's truckingPea Gravel

Pea Gravel consists of small, smooth, rounded stones about the size of a Pea. Pea Gravel is commonly used for pea gravel walkways, pea gravel gardens, pea gravel patios. Pea Gravel may also be used to accent an area of your garden or lawn. Pea Gravel is also commonly used to fill old gas tanks at gas stations. Page-Up

Phoenix Landscape Material | Jody's Trucking

Driveway Rock Road Base NO. 57 rockDriveway or No. 57 Stone

1” to 1 1/4” crushed stone (loose stone, no screenings). Commonly used for road base and driveways great for stabilization in wet/muddy conditions. May Also be referred to as No. 57 stone. Often used in septic leach fields. Page-Up

Phoenix Landscape Material | Jody's Trucking

River Rock Landscape Supply Jody's truckingRiver Rock

River rock can come in all sizes and colors depending upon the source. River rocks are naturally smooth from the forces of water and friction so that there are no sharp edges. it is often used to give a more natural look to ponds and dry creek beds. Page-Up

Phoenix Landscape Material | Jody's Trucking

Rip Rap Landscape Rock | Jody's TruckingRip Rap

Rip Rap provides excellent erosion control for sloping areas. Keep it in mind when you are planning areas that have mounds or valleys. Many people find it a stylish and an up-to-date alternative to river rock or gravel for the easement area of a property (between the yard and the street). Be sure to prepare the ground before laying down rip rap to prevent weeds. Rip rap displays best when hand stacked from the bottom up. One ton of rip rap will usually cover an area about 60 to 70 square feet. Page-Up

Phoenix Landscape Material | Jody's Trucking

Surface Select Boulders

Surface Select Boulders are boulders that are picked off of the surface as opposed to boulders that have been excavate from the ground. Surface select boulders offer distinct natural features enhancing there beauty. The often contain moss and likens and have been weather by wind and rain to give a distinct natural look. Page-Up

Phoenix Landscape Material | Jody's Trucking

Washed Concrete Sand Delivery Phoenix Arizona | Jody's TruckingConcrete Sand

A coarse washed sand that is used in concrete production also good sand for horse arenas, soil mixes, and a leveling sand under brick pavers, flagstone, play pools or sod. Page-Up